About The Author

Valarie Carey is a retired New York City Police Sergeant turned entrepreneur. She is now the founder of the new brand TOTM! Time Of The Month!® and author of the new yearly calendar planner by the same name.

Carey is a mentor and community activist in her native Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant. Having served with several national organizations including NOBLE National Organization Of Black Law Enforcement Executives and publishing a monthly local newsletter named Val’s Word!, Carey believes in community.

Carey has mentored the youth at the local PAL (Police Athletic League) through Mentoring USA. Carey currently is on the board of Brooklyn CARES a local chapter of The National CARES Mentoring Movement(NCMM). Carey is a certified NYS General Topics Instructor.

As a retired NYC Police Sergeant who was injured on the job, Carey never used her menstrual cycle as an excuse to miss work or as a reason to leave a task undone. She is one of five sisters and has a teenage daughter whom she is currently educating about the myths of PMS and all that is means when it’s that Time Of The Month!

For Carey and millions of women like her who have had ovarian cysts, surgery to remove cancerous cells from her cervix, and over 300 menstrual cycles from regular to irregular periods, knowing the signs and what triggers certain symptoms for such a consistent occurrence in their lives would be helpful.

Valarie Carey currently lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn with her teenaged daughter Shelby, lifetime partner Schmoll Reaves-Bey and her cat Seven.

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